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Furuno to take part in MEGURI 2040 Project

16 October 2023

Furuno will be part of the second phase of the Nippon Foundation’s MEGURI2040 project, which aims to facilitate large-scale commercialisation of technologies that will enable fully autonomous ships by 2025.

The second phase of MEGURI2040, which kicked off in 2020, has four objectives: the realisation of a demonstration of ship-to-shore operations to simulate the future coastal shipping industry, the standardisation of the developed technologies and the strengthening of the infrastructure of the development process.

The fourth objective of MEGURI2040 is to commercialise an autonomous navigation function (including a shore monitoring function) and to establish a certification scheme necessary to commercialise such a function. In order to achieve this goal Furuno will play a leading role by using its knowledge of technological development to establish international and national rules for fully autonomous ships.