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From Northern Light Composites the new ecoFoiler

5 May 2023

Northern Light Composites, the company founded by Fabio Bignolini, Andrea Paduano and Piernicola Paoletti, which rose to prominence with Ecoracer, the sports boat built with recyclable materials that won the Design Innovation Award at the 61st Genoa International Boat Show, has presented its brand new ecoFoiler, a 3.80 metre foil dinghy, at the JEC in Paris.

Made using thermoplastic resin and natural fibres, the new ecoFoiler was built from a 3D mould by Breton using a Genesi printer and a recyclable thermoplastic polymer.

ecoFoiler is the result of Northern Light Composites’ collaboration with Thomas Tison Yacht Design & Engineering, a French firm specialising in yacht design and engineering, currently involved in the British team INEOS Britannia’s challenge to the America’s Cup 2024.