Genoa Boat Show

Four new thrusters for easy manoeuvring from QS Seamaster

1 August 2022

QS Seamaster is set to introduce the world to its four new thruster models at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show, all built with high-strength components that guarantee maximum performance and efficiency. In addition, the bronze foot of the new thrusters has a hydrodynamic profile that minimises turbulence, maximises efficiency and reduces noise.

The new models joining the QS Seamaster range are hydraulic thrusters, one version of which is retractable and two electric with a three-phase current. The QSH 1400-610 hydraulic thruster has a thrust of 1400 Kgf, a power of 90 kW, a double counter-rotating propeller in NiBrAl alloy and is designed for boats from 40 to 67 metres while the QSR 300-300 model, which can be electric or hydraulic and retractable, is suitable for boats from 23 to 28 meters, especially sailing.

Finally, the line of thrusters featuring an electric motor with a three-phase current is joined by the new models QSA 1200-610 and QSA 1400-610 with thrusts respectively of 1200 and 1400 Kgf, power of 75 and 90 kW, the first for boats from 40 to 52 metres and the second for boats from 40 to 55 meters.