Genoa Boat Show


22 September 2023

The 63rd Genoa International Boat Show kicked off with a first day brimming with events sponsored by the Italian Marine Industry Association aimed at enhancing the yachting industry as a whole by boosting the development of the marine economy.

One project in particular stood out, setting up a system of initiatives that stand out as value adding initiatives across Italy, coordinated by the Vice-President of the Italian Marine Industry Association Piero Formenti, who explained that: “We are very proud of our journey so far. We started off with 4 sponsored events and today we have already reached 9 yachting events spread out all over the country. A network between events means being close to local realities, finding a way to coordinate among different regions and providing representation for all of Italy’s industrial players“.

Andrea Razeto, Vice President of the Italian Marine Industry Association, continued: “These events represent an opportunity to develop the potential that regions have throughout the marine economy, such an excellent resource that deserves to be treasured and enhanced at every opportunity for the economic and social impact they generate nationwide“.

Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Region, then took the floor, reiterating his support for the Genoa International Boat Show, stating that “a great deal of effort has been put into this event, effort that is bearing visible fruits. Unity is strength”. Moreover, Toti highlighted the need to bring the younger generations closer to the sea. “The sea,” he concluded, “is a precious asset and the yachting sector should be given the value it deserves.”

Michele Emiliano, President of the Apulia Region (via video connection) provided the data for 2022, which see Apulia as “the third Region in Italy for number of companies operating in the sea sector. We have activated key synergies across the territory and associations representing the regional industry, obtaining important results”.

Pasquale Ciacciarelli, Councillor for Marine Policies in the Lazio Regional Council (via video connection) reminded those present that “the Lazio region is blessed with an exceptionally important coastline, an area that looks at this sector and recognises the benefits of such an industry“. Finally, Christian Solinas, President of the Region of Sardinia, pointed out that Sardinia offers 1400 km of coastline, providing an immense potential for berths. “Ours is an area that annually sees three quarters of the world’s most important yachts pass through its waters,” he stated.

The event was attended by representatives of the territorial initiatives sponsored by the Italian Marine Industry Association in Sicily with Andrea Ciulla, President of Seacily, the Sicilian Boat Show, Lombardy with Marco Diana CEO Marina di Verbella – Rendez-vous at Lake Maggiore, Campania with Agostino Gallozzi, President of Marina D’Arechi – Salerno Boat Show, Lazio with Luciano De Fermo, President of Consorzio Mare Lazio – Boat Days Santa Marinella, Abruzzo with Bruno Santori, Director Marina di Pescara – Sottocosta, Sardinia with Angelo Colombo, General Manager Fiera Nautica di Sardegna – Marina di Olbia, Puglia with Giuseppe Meo, President of the SNIM Boat Show in Puglia, and EBS – Electric Boat Show in Milan, represented by the Director Davide Lenarduzzi.

The Forum Hall also hosted the conference ‘Nautica, Fisco e Dogane’ (Yachting, Taxation and Customs), the annual event organised by the Italian Marine Industry Association, which took stock of current tax and customs policies and sector regulations. Maurizio Balducci, Vice-President of the Italian Marine Industry Association, Paolo Valerio Barbantini, Deputy Director of the Italian Revenue Agency, Paola Paliano, Head of the AEO and Large Enterprises Office of the Customs Directorate, Sara Armella, of Armella & Associati, and Ezio Vannucci, of Moores & Rowland Partner, Massimo Seno, Head of Department II of the General Command of the Harbour Office Corps, were among the speakers who took part. The meeting was moderated by Roberto Neglia, Head of the Italian Marine Industry Association’s Institutional Relations. The next edition has also been confirmed, in which the contribution from the Revenue Agency and the Customs and Monopolies Agency will be joined by that of the General Command of the Port Authority Corps. It was stated that clarifications on the application of the Mezzogiorno Credit initiative for leased units are on their way, while issues concerning nautical leasing are being tackled in open dialogue with the relative institutions.

The first day of the 63rd edition of the Genoa International Boat Show began with an illustrious guest, Max Sirena, team director and skipper of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, the Italian consortium committed to winning the 2024 America’s Cup. Already a winner of two editions of the famous Cup, Sirena captured the attention of numerous visitors during the two talks in which he took part, the first organised by Cantiere del Pardo and the second at the Eberhard & Co. Theatre, where the skipper of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli took stock of the Italian challenge for the Auld Mug, answering questions by journalist and well-known Sky Sport personality Sandro Donato Grosso. The first day of the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show ended in the VIP Lounge with the “Incontri in Blu” (Blue Talks), the protagonist of which was Massimo Perotti, President and CEO of Sanlorenzo, one of the world’s most important international shipbuilding groups with headquarters in Ameglia, Liguria. The talk was moderated by journalist Fabio Pozzo as part of the “Incontri in Blu. Uomini, donne e storie di Mare” (Men, women and sea stories) series, sponsored by the Italian Marine Industry Association and the Genoa International Boat Show, the events of which are primarily held at the Galata Sea Museum.