Centrostiledesign designs the new 40 Bellagio for Cantiere Colombo

8 April 2022

Designed by Centrostiledesign, Colombo presents their new 40 Bellagio, a contemporary interpretation of the runabouts that have succeeded in giving the shipyard, founded back in 1956 by Giacomo Colombo, its global renown.

The Colombo 40 Bellagio, with which Davide Cipriani and the Centrostiledesign studio, while maintaining the key balance between tradition and innovation, have expanded on available functions and comfort, presents a number of contemporary stylistic elements, such as the dynamic air intakes, the hull windows and the large stern platform.

The Colombo 40 Bellagio, as designed by Centrostiledesign, also combines elements of the Colombo runabout, from the mahogany deck with maple joints to the large wraparound windshield, with solutions such as the low deckhouse providing more space for the cabin, which make this 12-metre motorboat the new benchmark when it comes to craftsmanship in its construction, overall living comfort on board and the constant pursuit of the highest standards of elegance.