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Achieving simplicity on board with HP Watermakers and Raymarine Axiom

16 March 2023

The close partnership between HP Watermakers and Raymarine, which first began in 2019 and led to the installation by default on multifunction plotters from the Axiom range of an application to interface with HP Watermakers desalinators, has achieved a brand new product

Raymarine presents the Axiom 2 Pro which combines chartplotter, fishfinder, radar, autopilot and video applications in a powerful multifunctional display thanks to HybridTouch technology

The Axiom 2 Pro is the most powerful Axiom chartplotter ever developed by Raymarine. It features the latest LightHouse 4 operating system and integrates with Raymarine’s advanced navigation network including Lighthouse charts as well as FLIR thermal night vision technology.

Combined with the Axiom 2 Pro, not only has the management side of HP Watermakers been extremely simplified but also its installation procedure. “As shipowners realised how many opportunities they would have in combining their Raymarine Axiom with our watermaker,” explained Gianni Zucco, CEO of HP Watermakers, “there were many shipyards that showed keen interest in us in their purchasing decisions.”