A successful few months for NEXT Yacht Group

24 February 2022

Two AB 100s sold in just two months. And this is just the latest success story from AB Yachts, which, along with renowned brands Maiora and CBI Navi, is an active member of the NEXT Yacht Group.

The NEXT Yacht Group, officially founded on 1st September 2021, unites the best traditions of a group with over 40 years of history and makes up a key part of a broader investment project on behalf of the GB Invest Holding AG Group.

These two sales of the AB 100, both to European buyers and scheduled to be handed over in June 2022 and March 2023, are in addition to the that of the first AB 120 Beach, which will touch water at the end of 2022, destined for the US market.

This new product line is attracting a lot of interest and these sales are the perfect reward for all the work we have put into its development” explained Gennaro Candida De Matteo, CEO of the NEXT Yacht Group. “We will carry on growing in size and functionality, never ceasing to develop strong technical solutions, combined with innovative content: absolute excellence in terms of performance, but with an ever-increasing attention to detail when it comes to the lifestyle market, focusing on a multisensory experience onboard, on the simplicity and useability of out solutions, on environmental sustainability and how we can apply this to moments of peace and relaxation onboard.