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A new hangar for Palumbo Superyachts

6 October 2023

Construction work on a new hangar at the Palumbo Superyachts shipyard in Ancona has been completed. Construction began last April and included the creation of a hangar measuring 19 metres wide by 60 metres long and 19 metres high which will be used for outfitting superyachts.

Giuseppe Palumbo, CEO of Palumbo Superyachts expressed his satisfaction for the new structure. This addition, however, has not stopped the company’s search for new areas close to the shipyard and overlooking the sea to incorporate and use to better manage Palumbo Superyachts’ orders: “This is all part of the same positive trend the whole yachting sector is experiencing, including that of the Marche Region“.

The new hangar joins the other three structures that make up Palumbo Superyachts’ Ancona production centre, consisting of 52,000 square metres ofsurface area and where, in addition to the construction of new yachts (at the moment 10 models between 30 and 80 metres are under construction), a team specialised in After Sales, maintenance and refitting carried out its operations, relying on the largest superyacht lifting platform in the Adriatic Sea with a capacity of 3300 tonnes.