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63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – Yamaha’s BLUE DATE, sea trials for everyone with a licence-free 40 HP

19 September 2023

Yamaha is launching BLUE DATE at the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show: sea trials open to everyone, where it will be possible to personally drive an Empowered by Yamaha boat powered by a 40 horsepower “licence-free” engine.

During the Genoa Boat Show, five boats powered by F40 HETL or F40 GETL Supreme will be available at the N quay (West side) for anyone over 18 years of age and without a driving licence to try their hand at driving. Registration is on or at the Yamaha stand in Hall BC1 and choose from the free morning or afternoon slots.

Yamaha also kicks off the Satisfaction Sea incentives at the Boat Show. Thanks to the purchase incentives those interested in an F40 HET or an F40 G Supreme will be able to benefit from a discount of almost 1500 euro for the former and almost 1400 euro for the latter.

The available packages will be: Salpa Soleil 18 with F40 G Supreme, Tempest 505 with F40H, Mia 20 with F40 G Supreme, Joker Coaster 580 Plus with F40H and Lomac Turismo 600 with F40 G Supreme.