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63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – The revolutionary multifunctional ladders/platforms from Besenzoni’s Oceano Collection

12 September 2023

With the Oceano Collection that Besenzoni is presenting at the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show, the company founded in 1967 by Giovanni Besenzoni redefines space on board with a series of benefits that enhance the boating experience to unprecedented levels.

The Oceano Collection, nominated for a Design Innovation Award, kicks off with three models and offers a range of customisable ladder and platform solutions.

The ladder and platform combinations offered in the Oceano Collection provide an additional area that can be utilised in a myriad of ways, fostering a deeper connection to the sea and facilitating dockside boarding and disembarkation without the hassle of dockside height differences. They also serve both as an extension of the beach area and as a convenient lifting platform for launching and hauling the tender.

Made of AISI stainless steel, the platforms of the Oceano Collection promise longevity in the harsh marine environment. Finally, the integration of LED lights inside the steps guarantees maximum safety while enhancing the yacht’s atmosphere and offering an exciting view of the seabed.