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63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – Stingray presents the JST-30

15 September 2023

Nautical start-up Stingray will be taking part in the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show with an innovative nautical vehicle designed for commuting between yachts and land. Its name: the JST-30, measuring 3 metres long.

Made with a fibreglass hull and deck, with its pneumatic tubulars it possesses a stability and safety unmatched by any other watercraft, and its powerful SEADOO ROTAX 900 waterjet engine with 115 horsepower guarantees power to handle the sea in any conditions and have fun on the waves.

Its triple-layer hull is strong, light and bolted to the upper deck so that the boat is totally waterproof.

The JST-30 can be equipped with a luggage rack, a surfboard transport system, and is certified to sail more than one mile from the coast. Finally, the very compact design and collapsible handlebar keeps the height to exactly one metre for easy stowage and transport.