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63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – Schenker presents the portable Wiki

26 July 2023

Schenker Watermakers, a leading manufacturer of watermakers for the yachting industry, will be presenting the Wiki at the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show, a pocket-sized watermaker that can be conveniently carried on board.

Wiki, which takes its name from the Polynesian word meaning fast, quick, can be used on any boat and is contained in a sturdy customised duffel bag while an additional bag holds the connection hoses.

Wiki removes the problem of having to fit a fixed desalinator entirely while also meets the needs of those who want a second back-up desalinator. The product is also ideal on board a racing boat. Wiki produces 30 litres/hour of fresh water.

The item can be operational after only a few minutes and is powered by 12V, consuming only 110 watts thanks to the latest Schenker energy recovery system