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63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – An anchoring revolution with Anchor-Sat

26 July 2023

Maintaining your position at anchor (or while fishing) without sinking any anchors. This is what Anchor-Sat can provide, the satellite anchor, a brand new product to be presented at the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show that allows the boat to be anchored thanks toa GPS system.

The Anchor-Sat, a type of “buoy” that locks onto at least 3 GPS satellites to be presented at this year’s edition of the Boat Show by Gestit, is suitable for boats from 3 to 15 metres in length, and offers stable stationing at any depth and type of seabed.

The Anchor-Sat position, which is connected to the boat only by the mooring line, is set by remote control and maintained by an electric motor powered by solar panels that kicks into action every 5 seconds to counteract the movement of the boat due to wind and current with equal and opposite movement.

Anchor-Sat eliminates the risk of snagging the anchor cables of other nearby boats and avoids damage to the seabed caused by traditional anchors, thus contributing to campaigns to protect the marine environment such as the protection of Posidonia fields.