New lines and new designs for Sessa Marine

20 August 2018

Seven new models in just one year.
Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Sessa Marine shows its feathers by significantly increasing its production capabilities and producing an impressive number of new models. At the Genoa International Boat Show, the shipyard, founded by Riccardo Radice and having worked for twenty years with Centrostile, their technology partner under the guidance of Davide Cipriani, showcases a true fleet of recent designs.
From the Key Largo line, the new KL24 (6.90 metres long) available in two versions (Fb and Efb) and, from the Yacht series, the two new entries are the C54 and the C68 measuring an overall length of 16.36 metres and 21.05 metres respectively.

Common to both models are the windows across the side and the interior decor which gives the spaces a contemporary, intimate and welcoming aesthetic.
All this while Sessa Marine proceeds to develop three upcoming models: the Fly52, the Key Largo 43 and the long-awaited Explorer 60, a new Fast Displacement set to broaden the offer of its own category.