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Musto presents: the MPX Impact Gore-Tex Pro garments with D30 technology

5 March 2024

Designed to take on the oceans. Musto has created a new jacket and trouser combination in the MPX Impact Gore-Tex collection that uses D30 technology to ensure maximum protection.

The D30 technology employed by Musto on the new items developed in collaboration with French ocean skipper Armel Le Cléac’h of the Banque Populaire team, has been used in the special padding on the hips and knees that guarantee maximum performance against the typical impacts of ocean sailing.

The D30 technology allows the protections, which are light, thin, and waterproof without compromising the fabric’s breathability, to be printed on a mesh that is then welded onto the elbows and hips, while the 3D moulded knee pads are inserted into internal pockets so they can be placed in the best position.

Musto is the only sailing sportswear brand in the world to take advantage of this new D30 technology, which is an important innovative addition to the MPX collection,” commented Nick Houchin, Musto’s marketing manager.