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Mat, Cantiere delle Marche’s Flexplorer 146 has been launched

24 June 2024

Cantiere delle Marche has launched the Flexplorer 146 Mat, a 44.50 metre yacht that bears the signatures of Hydro Tec for architecture and naval engineering and Nauta Design for the interior design.

With the Flexplorer line, Cantiere delle Marche continues to showcase its exceptional ability to transform a semi-custom explorer yacht into a fully customised masterpiece,” explained Ennio Cecchini, Executive Chairman and founder of Cantiere delle Marche, who also emphasised the importance of the maximum amount of freedom allowed by the degree of customisation that distinguishes not only the Flexplorer line but also the Cantiere delle Marche’s other collections: the RJ, Deep Blue and Darwin lines.

The new Flexplorer 146 Mat, which features three decks plus a spacious sun deck, one deck less than the Maverick, the first Flexplorer 146, features a somewhat more slender profile. Another stand-out difference: the absence of the A-shaped crane, a distinctive feature of other Flexplorers such as the 130 Aurelia and the Maverick.

On the Mat, in fact, the A-shaped crane has been replaced by a retractable crane housed in a compartment on the sun deck where, once the tender hauling operations have been completed, the crane itself folds away, thus restoring the original large relaxation area in direct contact with the sea.

The interiors, as Mario Pedol explained along with Massimo Gino at the helm of Nauta Design, a studio now having reached its sixth collaboration with Cantiere delle Marche, are inspired by natural light and space with the use of natural materials and colours: “Light and pleasant to live with.”

The new Flexplorer 146 Mat, with two 746 kW Caterpillar C32s, reaches a top speed of 14 knots. The range is over 5000 miles at 10 knots.