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Introducing the Riva El-Iseo, Riva’s first fully electric design

11 April 2024

Riva has inaugurated its new E-Luxury segment with the Riva El-Iseo, the first fully electric motorboat from the shipyard that celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2022.

The Riva El-Iseo is not only the world’s most stunning fully electric-powered motorboat, it is also proof that investment into Research and Development will always open up new paths to sustainability and environmental awareness,” stated Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi.

The Riva El-Iseo, an 8.40 metre long runabout with a maximum beam of 2.5 metres, bears the signature of Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, founders of Officina Italiana Design, in collaboration with the Strategic Product Committee chaired by engineer Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Management department.

The Riva El-Iseo, certified as a B-Category unit by RINA (a certification rarely awarded to open hulls, due to both the size and nature of the boat) is powered by a Parker GVM310 from the US company Parker Hannifin with 250 kW of power (300 kW peak) for 25 knots of cruising speed and 40 knots at top speed.

The Riva El-Iseo’s battery pack consists of high-density lithium batteries from Podium Advanced Technologies with a capacity of 150 kWh and a voltage of 800 V and two charging modes: normal and fast charging, which allow 20% to 80% charging in 75 minutes.

The Riva El-Iseo offers three sailing modes: Adagio, Andante and Allegro. In Adagio mode the top speed is 5 knots and autonomy reaches 10 hours. In Andante mode, performance is that of a boat with an endothermic engine and maximum speed in glide is 25 knots. Finally, in Allegro mode the Riva El-Iseo reaches a maximum speed of 40 knots with typical electric acceleration.