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Introducing the Falconeri x Pardo Yachts collection

14 October 2022

Among the innovative products making their debut at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show, alongside the boats was also a brand new clothing collection, that presented at the Pardo Yachts stand and created by Falconeri, the outcome of a key partnership established between the Italian cashmere knitwear brand and the Shipyard whose claim is Power Elegance.

Falconeri x Pardo Yachts is the name of the collection, which includes not only shirts and T-shirts in ultra-refreshing linen but also the hallmark reversible sleeveless jacket made using technical fabric and ultrafine cashmere, Falconeri’s own evergreen product.

Falconeri and Pardo Yachts are not only united by the core values shared by the two companies’ philosophies, they also find common ground in their attention to detail, respect for the environment and sustainability, as well as in their focus on tradition and Italian style. Whether we are talking about the finest yarns or precious wood essences, the high-quality standards that characterise the products provided by the two brands are in fact both practical and tangible.