Many are the roads that lead to Genoa

By car, train, plane or sea: the city of Genoa remains open for business and leisure and getting ready to welcome you to the upcoming 59th edition of the International Boat Show (19th – 24th September)

 Genoa: traffic and transport updates

Due to the recent tragic collapse of the Morandi bridge, roads in the Western parts of Genoa and routes for travelling to the city from the Western “ponente” coastlinehave been reviewed and changed accordingly. Each solution has been devised by a series of permanent think tanks who, following the recent tragedy, immediately put forward effective measures to make alternative routing plans as smooth as possible. Traffic is being monitored 24 hours a day in view of any further optimisation.

 Piazzale Kennedy 16129 Genoa

  •  By car: 

    If you are travelling from the Western “ponente” coastline, you will have to exit the A10 motorway at the “Genova Aeroporto” junction and follow an urban detour connecting you to the new six-lane Guido Rossa coastal road. (four lanes are already open and operating). From here it is possible to re-enter the motorway at the “Genova Ovest” junction to take the A7 towards Milan or the A12/E80 towards Livorno, La Spezia, Livorno, Florence and Rome.

    Those coming from Turin will have to continue on the A21, beyond the A26 junction, and enter the A7 towards Genoa to exit at “Genova Ovest” or at “Genova Est”.
    No changes at all to the usual route for those arriving at Genoa from Milan: you will exit the A7 motorway at “Genova Ovest” which will give you direct access to the raised Aldo Moro road in order to reach the International Boat Show. Otherwise, it is possible to continue to the “Genova Est” junction to then continue towards the Piazzale Kennedy area, the traditional reference point for visitors coming to see the Boat Show.

    Road traffic from the East travelling on the A12/E80 motorway will have a few options to choose without any changes. From the “Genova Est” junction, it is very easy to reach the International Boat Show area. The “Genova Nervi” junction offers two routes: one which takes Corso Europa and one which takes Corso Italia, via which it is again possible to arrive directly at Piazzale Kennedy.For further information:
    Follow directions for ‘Salone Nautico’ parking.”
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  • By train:
    The train lines to and from Milan, Bologna, Rome and to the “ponente” coastline(Ventimiglia and France) are all functioning as normal. The metropolitan train line services have been reinforced, thanks to an agreement with the national rail company Ferrovie delloStato and the local administration Regione Liguria, adding 46 regional trains between stations Genova Voltri and Genova Principe during work days (one train every 15 minutes).
    For further information:
  • By plane:
    In order to ease the pressure on transport for citizens and users, the public transport company AMT and the local administration Comune di Genova have launched a free bus service (“ServiziospecialeSP” – every day from 6.00am to 8.00pm)between stations Genova Principe in Piazza Acquaverde and Sestri Ponente (on Via Hermada), running in both directions and stopping at the Cristoforo Colombo Airport(Arrivals, ground floor). Frequency: 15 minutes. The service will be operational from 6.00am to 8.00pm. The service is free of charge. The public transport service Volabus is functioning as normal.
    The Cristoforo Colombo airport is approximately 10 kilometres away. It is connected to the city centre and main railway stations by taxi and AMT Volabus shuttles.


The Boat Show can be reached on the following lines:

  • 10 from Brignole Station to Piazzale Kennedy (free), the service runs on working days
  • 31 from Quarto to Brignole Station (via Corso Italia and Piazzale Kennedy);
  • 20 from Sampierdarena to Via Rimassa (with a brief portion on foot towards Piazzale Kennedy);
  • KA* from Principe Station to Piazzale Kennedy; the service runs on non-working days

BUYING AMT TICKETS:During the Boat Show, visitors will be able to purchase tickets online or in the are leading to the reception at a dedicated ticket office/AMT bus (for information and prices see

INTEGRATED AMT TICKETS 9 CARPARKS:Daily ticket € 12.00 for cars and € 18.00 for campers, valid in the following areas: Blu Area della Foce (zones A and B), Albaro (zones L and M including Corso Italia, via F. Cavallotti, via Albaro, via Ricci, via Boselli, via Pisa, via Caprera), Carignano (zones D and E), City Centre (zone F), Isole Azzurre included in the previously indicated zones; Corso Italia parking spaces designated for the Boat Show. This ticket allows for parking and the route to the International Boat Show, both ways, for up to three people on AMT lines.

Daily integrated ticket €6.00 for parking in the Piazzale Marassi exchange parking spaces (140 spaces) and Dinegro (135 spaces) and for the route from the carpark to the Boat Show, both ways, on AMT lines, valid for one person.

Piastra Genova Est parking area, at the exit of the motorway exit of the same name: free for the first 24 hours, after the first 24 hours the single fixed tariff is €5,00 per day.
The parking area is located next to the bus stations for the main AMT lines of Val Bisagno (lines 13 – 14 – 34), towards the city centre.


The shuttle buses from the Welcoming Project will be waiting near the main hotels of the city, the airport, the train stations and public carparks. Those who have the right to access the International Boat Show will be able to use the following free shuttles between 8.30am and 10.30am and between 4.45pm and 7.00pm.


Airport – Matitone – Principe Station – Piazza Fontane Marose – Piazza De Ferrari – International Boat Show, both ways.


Corso Europa AC Hotel – Piazza Sturla – Via De Gasperi – Via Piave / Via Liri – Corso Italia – International Boat Show, both ways.


Aquarium (Piazza Caricamento) – Carignano (Via Corsica)– Piazza Corvetto – Brignole Station – Piazza Verdi

International Boat Show, both ways.


From 20thto 25thSeptember, AMT will provide a connection between the International Boat Show and the city centre, in order for visitors to reach the main shopping streets and enjoy the GenovaInBlu events. The connection will be available to those who have access to the International Boat Show.

from 5.00pm to 8.30pm on working days
from 3.00pm to 8.00pm on non-working days


10% discount (does not stack with the watsupp promotion) for those with access to the International Boat Show, for any route to and from the following tourist attractions: the Strada Nuova Museums, the Genoa Aquarium and Galata Museum, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Ducale, the Staglieno Monumental Cemetery, the Nervi Museums, Villa Durazzo Pallavicini, the Lanterna Museum, the E. Chiossone Museum, Palazzo del Principe, the Luzzati Museum and the Saint Augustine Museum.

Fixed rate reserved for International Boat Show exhibitors: €10 for trips between the Boat Show and hotels on the route from the Boat Show to Brignole Station/Piazza De Ferrari/Piazza Dante, both ways. €15 for trips between the Boat Show and hotels on the route from the Boat Show to Piazza Corvetto/Principe Station, both ways.

The tariffs are valid on working and non-working days and include radiotaxi calls.



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