Genoa and the Boat Show from the sky

5 August 2019

Reach Genoa’s 59th International Boat Show in just a few minutes.

This year, thanks to our helicopter transfer service, you will be able to reach the Genoa International Boat Show in a matter of minutes, landing directly on the helipad located at the heart of the Show itself.

One of the Show’s 59th edition’s top services, this initiative will provide departures from scheduled locations such as Milan and Rapallo while also allowing for custom flight paths to be scheduled, tailored to individual needs.

An example? You can reach the event itself from Genoa Airport in 10 minutes, from Albenga in 24 minutes and from Serravalle in just 20 minutes.

Experience Genoa and the International Boat Show from a new perspective and enjoy a breath-taking view. 

Visitors enjoying the Genoa Boat Show will also have the chance to take scenic helicopter flights and experience the event from an entirely new perspective, soar over the breathtaking Levante coast or take in the view of Genoa from the sky.

All transfer services and scenic flights are carried out using Écureuil AS350B3s, helicopters that are licensed to fly over coastal areas and to carry up to 5 passengers in addition to the pilot.

For information, prices and bookings:

+39 0144 73225