After 60 years, Genoa and the Boat Show continue to share an unbreakable bond. A bond founded on the history, passion and future of the sea. The same sea that inspires people to unite their experiences towards the future of boating. With the 10-year agreement signed in May 2020 by all local institutions, the Italian Marine Industry Association, organising body of the Genoa Boat Show, has chosen to commit to the event’s future: to develop and improve Genoa’s Waterfront and allow it to reach its highest potential of international importance.

The Association is ready to begin setting out and designing key interventions that will become a reality over the next 10 years, a first step in a new direction towards giving the Genoa Boat Show the place it deserves at the heart of the international boating world.

The Show is in Genoa, because it is here that the sea begins.