Garmin introduces the Garmin Boat Switch integrated command centre

17 February 2022

Garmin Italia has announced the release of the Garmin Boat Switch, a brand new control unit in the world of Digital Switching, compatible with chartplotters from the ECHOMA and GPSMAP lines.

This new system revolutionises the way we control and monitor utilities on board, replacing the traditional fuse-switch electronics concept and giving the user full control of up to 20 output circuits and 7 sense inputs.

Developed by EmpirBus, the domotics and remote control-focused company operating under the Garmin group, the Garmin Boat Switch interfaces directly with the onboard facilities without the need for a dedicated webserver.

Another key characteristic of the Garmin Boat Switch is the ease with which it can be installed, not requiring any additional components. Finally, once installed, a Switching page is automatically addedto the chartplotter: from here users are able to customise the buttons they want to be shown on the display.