• Where is the Genoa International Boat Show held? The Genoa International Boat Show is held at the following address: Piazzale John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1, 16129 – Genoa.
  • When is the Genoa International Boat Show open to the public? The 63rd Genoa International Boat Show is open from Thursday 21st to Tuesday 26th September 2022 between 10:00 am and 6:30 pm.
  • Where can I find a map of the Genoa International Boat Show? Maps of the Genoa International Boat Show will be available at the Info Points installed throughout the Show and on the official website www.salonenautico.com from the 5th September 2023.
  • Is it possible to subscribe to a newsletter in order to receive updates about the Genoa International Boat Show? Yes, it is possible to subscribe to the official newsletter on the homepage of the official website salonenautico.com
  • Does the Genoa International Boat Show provide Wi-Fi? Yes, the Wi-Fi network is free of charge. There will be signs provided throughout the Boat Show indicating the name of the network to which to connect.


  • Does the Genoa International Boat Show have a carpark? Yes. Available parking areas will be near the exhibition.
  • Is it possible to reserve a parking space? Parking passes may be acquired and reserved online when purchasing your ticket to the Show. These passes are non-transferrable and valid solely for the day of your booked visit.
  • How far is the Genoa International Boat Show from the closest train station? The Genova Brignole train station is located 1.4 km from the Boat Show.


  • How much does a ticket cost? A full ticket costs €23.00 + €1.00 presale. In case of purchase at the box office it will cost €28.00.
  • How old do children need to be in order to not pay for access to the Boat Show? Access to the Genoa International Boat Show is free from all children born after 1st January 2011.
  • Are these tickets non-transferrable? Yes, all tickets to the event identify the holder by name and cannot be transferred to others.
  • For how long is a ticket valid? The ticket will be valid during the date specified when purchasing said ticket. It will be possible to change the date only once by accessing your private area. Date change is subject to availability.
  • How many tickets is it possible to purchase? There is no upper limit to the number of tickets you can buy.
  • Which payment methods are accepted? Tickets to the Boat Show may be purchased by card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS), via Google Pay and via Apple Pay on smart devices.
  • What time does the ticket office close? Tickets to the Boat Show may only be purchased online 24/7.
  • Do differently abled visitors pay to access the Boat Show? Yes, visitors who are differently abled must pay for their ticket. Their carer may access the Boat Show for free.
  • Is it possible to book group/school tickets? There are no group ticket purchase options.
  • Are dogs allowed in the Boat Show? Dogs may be brought into the Boat Show area provided they are held with a lead and muzzle. Owners must carry with them adequate bags with which to pick up any excrements.
  • Is it possible to access and move around the Boat Show with a bicycle or scooter? The use of bicycles or scooters within the Genoa International Boat Show premises is strictly forbidden.
  • I am unable to acquire my tickets online, what should I do? If there are any issues while trying to purchase your tickets, please contact the following email address: tickets@isaloninautici.com 
  • Is it possible to exit and re-enter the Genoa International Boat Show on the same day? Exiting and re-entering the Boat Show premises throughout the same day is is allowed after collecting the colored bracelet at the reception. Attention: a different bracelet color is associated with each day.


  • Do journalists need to be accredited? Yes, all members of the press must be duly accredited.
  • Is it possible to be accredited upon arrival? No, to be accredited you must register online.
  • Which are the official Genoa International Boat Show social media channels? Facebook: @SaloneNauticoGenova Twitter: @SaloneNautico LinkedIn: @SaloneNautico YouTube: Salone Nautico a Genova
  • Where can I find the Genoa International Boat Show press room? The Press Office can be found on the Mezzanine Floor of Pavilion B. information on how you may access and make use of the press room will be provided once you are accredited.


  • Are there transport services available for visitors with mobility problems at the Genoa International Boat Show? Mobility services are available and must be booked prior to your arrival. Further information is available at https://salonenautico.com/en/visitors-with-disabilities/


  • Where can I find an events programme for the Genoa International Boat Show? The events programme will be available on the official website salonenautico.com from 4th September 2023.
  • Is there an ATM within the Genoa Boat Show? No, there is no ATM within the Boat Show premises. All payments within the Boat Show premises may be carried out using credit and debit cards.
  • Are there baby changing facilities at the Genoa International Boat Show? Yes, there are baby changing facilities, indicated on the map under the wording “fashion toilet”.
  • Is there a luggage storage service? Yes, luggage storage services are available at the entrance.
  • Is there a lost and found service? Yes, the lost and found office can be found at the entrance.
  • Are there any smoking areas? Is it possible to smoke indoors? Smoking is permitted exclusively in outdoor areas.
  • Is it possible to take photographs? Yes, taking photographs is permitted.
  • Where can I find pictures of the event? Photographs of the event will be available online at the following address: https://salonenautico.com/gallery/ and on the Show’s social media channels.


  • Is it possible to book a visit onboard a boat? Yes, all visits onboard boats at the Show must be booked directly with the respective exhibiting shipyard. It is also possible to book sea trials onboard.


  • Is leafleting allowed in the Genoa International Boat Show? Leafleting is not allowed at the Show.
  • Can I organise an event during the Genoa International Boat Show? It is possible to organise an event within your display area or within areas provided by the Boat Show Organisers following the acceptance and provision of specific authorisation.


  • What rules and timeframes must be followed with regards to setting up and dismantling? All relevant information may be found in the “set-up rules” which will be provided to the exhibitor.
  • Is it possible to leave one’s booth before the end of the Show? Your booth must be occupied for the duration of the Genoa International Boat Show’s opening hours until it closes on the final day.
  • I am a supplier. Can I access the Boat Show premises with a vehicle? You may access the Boat Show premises during the set-up and dismantling phases and only if bearing a specific pass provided by the exhibitor. ACCESS FOR SETTING UP IS FORBIDDEN during the day prior to the Genoa Boat Show’s inauguration – provided special authorisation is given, access may be granted final preparations.
  • I have a problem with my booth. Who can I contact? Please contact the Service Centre which can be found on the Piazzale Marina.
  • Where is the Service Centre? The Service Centre is located on Piazzale Marina.

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