Suzuki Italia Spa

Suzuki Italia is the Italian branch of Suzuki Motor Corporation, a Japanese company founded in 1909 and based in Hamamatsu. The company produces cars, motorcycles and outboards. "The Ultimate Outboard Motor" represents the guideline followed by the Suzuki team involved in the development, production and distribution process of Suzuki outboards, which are constantly committed to providing the maximum EXCITEMENT and SATISFACTION possible to customers all over the world. Thanks to innovative technology, Suzuki offers 4-stroke outboards, at the top in terms of performance, reliability and handling, with increasing attention to the environment.
Headquarters and contacts

corso F.lli Kennedy 12
10070 Robassomero TO

Outboard Engines
A311 CAYMAN 28.0 EXECUTIVE ormeggi - (lft da 10,00 a mt 11,99)
A313 ormeggi - (lft da 10,00 a mt 11,99)
A315 BWA 40 ormeggi - (lft da 12,00 a mt 14,99)
A317 m4 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
A321 idea 58 WA ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
A309 79 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
BD6 padiglione b terreno
BA89 banchina a - area nuda
BA89A banchina a - area nuda
A319 t21 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
A313 price 22 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)