The first Franchini Shipyard is founded by Michele Franchini in 1946 in an old shed on the harbour of Riccione. At the end of the 1970s, to support the growth of the Shipyard, Massimo Franchini, a newly graduated architect, joined the company, bringing his culture as a young designer open to an increasingly vast and demanding clientele, launching over 300 sailing boats in 30 years. After a period of standstill due to the crisis, in 2018 Massimo Franchini took up the pencil again with the success of Emozione 55 in mind, the Italian lobster, 35 units sold and on the water, disputed at high prices in the second hand market, and at the same time the need to propose a contemporary reading of the concept of motoryacht, its livability and its manageability. Driven by a renewed inspiration, Massimo drew on a heritage of taut lines, slender corners and generous volumes, giving shape to a 19.20-meter motoryacht, MIA 6.3 The new course of the Franchini Shipyard was made possible by the meeting be
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via d'Ancona 73/a
60027 Osimo AN

Cabin Cruisers
E631 MIA 63 ormeggi - (lft da 18,00 a mt 21,99)
YE83 banchina e - area nuda