Assonautica Genova

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Assonautica Genoa is a no-profit association emanating from the Chamber of Commerce that carries out at the provincial level all the activities necessary for the development of recreational boating, promotes nautical tourism and all the economic, productive and social activities related to it and collaborates with the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa to qualify and increase the activity of the sector and more generally the sea economy. It promotes all initiatives in favour of the boater able to represent its instances in defence of the usability of nautical activity and the cultural, playful and sporting aspects inherent in boating, respectful of the environment and legal and fiscal laws.
Represented houses

Genova For Yachting

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Assonautica Italiana

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Headquarters and contacts

Via Garibaldi 4
16124 Genova GE

Entities and Institutions
LP46 servizi nautici