Associazione Italiana Classe Dinghy 12'

Associazione Italiana Classe Dinghy 12' is the association of the owners of the 12'Dinghy designed by Gerge Cockshott in 1913 that has been twice Olimpic Class in 1920 and 1928. The 12' Dinghy is built in wood, fiberglass/wood and only fiberglass. All types of 12' Dinghy race together having equivalent measures and weight pursuant to the Class Rule. More that 100 races are organized each year in Italy where the main fleets are located, i.e Ligurua, Adriatic sea from Monfalcone to Bari, Sicily, Prealpine Lakes, Tirrenian Sea. There are also two national Series: Coppa Italia and Trofeo Dinghy Classico.
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