Aschenez SRL

Invictus Yacht and Capoforte are brands of Aschenez Shipyard (CZ), which boasts over 20 years of experience in building boats for a dream lifestyle. Maximum attention to details, excellent materials and careful after-sales assistance shape a unique experience. Invictus Yacht is characterized by an extremely customizable design in every single detail, both for the interiors and exteriors, and a feeling of sport and energy given by the introduction of outboard engines. Invictus is a choice of elegance, combined with the highest quality performance and continuous integration. Capoforte, whose name evokes a fascinating and timeless Mediterranean place, is a brand that does not sacrifice luxury in favor of agility. This is the line of smaller leisure boats, designed for the most demanding owners, fans of sea and fun, who do not want to sacrifice the most sporting aspects of an open boat.
Headquarters and contacts

Via Otranto, 2
88100 Catanzaro CZ
0961 020388

Cabin Cruisers
BA45B banchina a - area nuda
A169 ormeggi - (lft da 10,00 a mt 11,99)
A173 ormeggi - (lft da 12,00 a mt 14,99)
A167 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
A165 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
A171 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
A163 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
BD5 padiglione b terreno
BA45 banchina a - area nuda