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LANCIA APREA is the new jewel built by Cantieri Aprea of Sorrento, in collaboration with the award-winning Victory Design studio of Brunello Acampora. A perfect synthesis of beauty and power, passion and technique, shipbuilding art and modern technology, the LANCIA APREA lines recall those of a cult of Mediterranean boats, the Lancia Sorrentina. With its characteristic square stern, the Lancia Sorrentina was the iconic boat of the 1950s; LANCIA APREA brings back a symbol of the Italian golden age. Designed in the version with inboard and outboard engines, LANCIA APREA is a yacht designed to adapt to the likes of both the European and American markets.
Headquarters and contacts

Via Marina Grande, 134
80067 Sorrento NA

Motor boats
P104 ormeggi - (lft da 15,00 a mt 17,99) Lancia Aprea
BP104A banchina p