AnchorGuardian by Swiss Ocean Tech

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AnchorGuardian by Swiss Ocean Tech is at Salone Nautico 2023 at exhibitor SAIM Marine
AnchorGuardian offers a new dimension of safety at sea by minimizing the risk of anchor dragging, providing predictions and immediate alarms. Our disruptive, patented technology offers safety during anchoring by identifying in real-time dangerous anchor drag, independent of GPS and any movement of the ship. Additionally, AnchorGuardian predicts the anchor hold with early warnings and provides essential information while laying the anchor, while at anchor and when lifting the anchor. For the first time ever, using sensor fusion and sophisticated algorithms, our technology can build a stable dataset of the anchor’s relative and absolute position providing reliable information over the entire anchoring procedure. AnchorGuardian offers a entire range of intelligent data while anchoring… when you need it.
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Industriestrasse 163
8957 Spreitenbach

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