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Abayachting deals exclusively with yacht brokering and we are partner and member of the Executive Committee of ISYBA (Italian Ship & Yacht Brokers Association). We work as an intermediary on behalf of our clients (both buyers and sellers) in the purchasing and/or sale of a boat, with the objective of safeguarding the client’s interests at every step in the negotiation phase and therefore guaranteeing the best possible conditions to both parties. Our philosophy is simple: excellent timing, professionalism and expertise, the same qualities that we expect from our clients both buying and selling. The used boats we offer our clients represent the result of thorough work, which starts from their selection in order to propose some of the best deals on the market. Our work does not stop there: we will be at your side at every step in the process, from the inspection to the signing with the notary. All that’s left for you is to enjoy the sea.
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Strada Genova, 187
10024 Moncalieri TO

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