ALTAMAREA - Costruzioni Nautiche srl

Altamarea - Nautical Construction is a site that produces and markets a wide range of inflatables for leisure, work and competitions. Born in 2003, it has thirty years experience and has covered all the main steps of a growth that has determined the steady and progressive success over the years. However, in spite of this growth and success, Altamarea continue to produce its boats with the same care and the same attention of the beginnig. This corporate culture and this production philosophy are the best guarantee to offer always very high quality inflatables and safety.
Headquarters and contacts

Via Imeratore Federico, 100
90143 Palermo PA

Inflatable Boats
A409 ormeggi - (lft da 12,00 a mt 14,99)
A411 ormeggi - (lft da 10,00 a mt 11,99)
BA205A banchina a - area nuda
A409 WAVE 23 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
A410 WAVE 27 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)
A411 DISCOVERY 28 ormeggi - (lft fino a mt 9,99)