AICD-Associazione Italiana Dinghy 12'

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AICD-Associazione Italiana Classe Dinghy 12', an association recognized by the Italian Sailing Federation, gathers all Italian Dinghy 12' owners. The 12 Foot Dinghy is a great little boat that despite having behind it an intense history of more than a hundred years - it is designed in 1913, to be built only in wood, today also in fiberglass -thanks to its ability to adapt, without distorting itself, to the changing times and evolution, knows no sunset. The 12 Foot Dinghy is 3.66 m long, has only one large sail and is mainly used as a singlehanded. More than 100 regattas are run in Italy each year, scattered along the peninsula. At the Italian Championship the entries range between 70 and 100 competitors. Because of its characteristics, it can also be raced by "mature" helmsmen, often previously successful in other classes , that are stimulated by its being a very technical boat that is not trivial to sail.
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Corso Rosselli 173
10129 Torino TO

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