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3B CRAFT is an Italian boatyard with features and numbers that are still those of a craft enterprise, further from the big numbers of mass-production, with over thirty years’ experience and hundreds of pleasure boats constructed. The shipyard is in Fano (PU), in the Marche region, where all its fibreglass pleasure boats are built. 3B CRAFT creates boats characterized by a perfect balance between pleasure and passion for recreational fishing, revealing a willingness to look to the future without forgetting the past; all pleasure boats produced are entirely built in Italy; each model in 3B Craft range reflects the attention to detail and the style excellence of Italian manufacturing. The unique style of 3B CRAFT boats is the result of a great combination between high-performance hulls, designed with fascinating lines, and high-level fishing boat decks, so to meet the requests of the most demanding customers who seek personalized solutions on a unique, exclusive and built to order boat.
Headquarters and contacts

Via Giuseppe Toniolo n° 22/A - fraz. Bellocchi
61032 FANO PU

Motor boats
N121 ormeggi - (lft da 10,00 a mt 11,99) 330 CC
BN119A banchina n