Ewol to showcase new Andromeda propeller at the 60th Genoa International Boat Show

25 September 2020

The Milan-based company specialised in fold-in propellers for sailing boats, Ewol, will be joining the 60th Genoa International Boat Show to showcase their latest creation. Its called the Ewol Andromeda and it will be presented as their fastest, lighest, most efficient and silent model yet.

The new Ewol Andromeda provides a gain in speed from 0.5 to 1 knot and allows users to maintain the top cruising speed even in choppy waters. This is complemented by perfect manoeuvrability and a minimum turning effect which is combined with precision and maximum control over the boat, even in high winds and in areas with reduced space for manoeuvring.

With exceptional resistance to galvanic corrosion and to mechanical stimuli, the new Ewol Andromeda allows for perfect pace regulation and can be equipped onto a boat already in the water. Equipping it only takes five minutes and only 20 seconds are needed to regulate it. The E3 series Ewol fold-in propeller is designed for boats ranging from 6 to 10 metres with motors from 7 to 30 Hp while those from the ORION and PEGASUS series are dedicated to boats of larger sizes.