2 October 2018

More room for catamarans. This was one of the 58th Genoa International Boat Show’s key themes.
And to satisfy the ever-increasing number of two-hull enthusiasts, Adria Ship, based in Grado and seller of Catana catamarans as well, presented their new Bali 4.1.

12.30 metres long and 6.80 metres wide, the Bali 4.1, which replaces the Bali 4 (a model sold a staggering 140 times), is yet again designed by Lasta Design Studio. Among its key characteristics is a sundeck to stern that connects the two hulls, thus increasing the space on deck and a large sofa (capable of seating up to 6 people) in the cockpit, which connects directly to the living area: the entire stern wall of the cabin is at an angle. Here the dinette featuring a dinner table is located to the left. On the right, a sofa, while the kitchen is inserted across the width of the boat. The left hull is for the owner while the starboard hull goes to the guests, offering two cabins.

The sails include a self-tacking jib measuring 32m2 and a mainsail measuring 47,9m2 along with a 56m2 Code Zero.