Did know? 8 curious facts about Genoa

3 October 2015

The biggest Boat Show of the Mediterranean Sea never fails to amaze the public: everyone can find the boat of their dreams among the more than 1000 boats of the Show. Here some of the most representative:

  • The biggest engine powered boat is AB145: with its length of 44 meters is not only the biggest engine powered boat in the Show but also the biggest of all the boats ever made by the Fipa Sport line.
  • The biggest Sailboat is the Brenta 80 DC: with its 24 meters length it is the flagship of the Show in sails class.
  • The biggest inflatable boat is the SACS Strider 18 ZR: more than 16,83 meters long it is a true competitor for any luxury Yacht
  • The most “panoramic” boat is the verga-Plast tend 220: transparent and indestructible it is made of polycarbonate, the material used for police’s shields. It is really unique in its class, offering a view of the beauties of the sea floor thanks to its total transparency.
  • The boat that comes from the farthest place is the Chinese FarEast 28R, an evolution of the 31R that embodies the vision of the FarEast for its future: building high qualityy yachts based on the project of the beautiful and functional Smonis-Voogd.
  • The most classic Boat is the Capricia of the Italian Navy, a school ship for cadets, built in Sweden and from 1971 to 1993 owned by Giovanni Agnelli, who donated it to the Navy.
  • The “future is coming” boat is the Grand Soleil that presents in Genoa the 1:1 mock up of the interiors of the new 58 feet that will be launched in the spring. The guests could enter the boat and experience a 360° virtual tour. Special glasses show to see the boat in its various interior versions.
  • The most multitasking boat is the Multisport Acquaglide that transforms in a few minutes from a sail boat to a windsurf or a kayak and is even fun to tow it with a powerboat. It can be used as a floating platform or as a sun bed – it is a multifunctional boat all the family could enjoy .