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CRN signs off on a bespoke 67-metre unit

5 April 2024

CRN, a Ferretti Group yacht brand, has announced the signing of a contract for a 67-metre unit. The new yacht, listed as number 146, will be entirely custom-built in steel and aluminium and will bear the signature of the Nuvolari Lenard studio.

The new 67-metre stands out for its streamlined, flowing exterior lines and large outdoor areas including a dive centre and a spacious beach club which will host a vast array of water toys. On the upper deck there will also be a touch-and-go area for helicopters.

The hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system and heat recovery system, which uses thermal energy from the generators to heat the water in the swimming pools, boilers, and deck washing system, are all features worthy of particular note.

With this new upcoming 67-metre model, CRN continues its commitment to conscious and sustainable ship design. Hull number 146 also marks Nuvolari Lenard’s tenth collaboration with CRN currently engaged in the construction of the yard’s other 67-metre project as well: Project Maranello.