Confindustria Nautica: the process reuniting the entire recreational boating industry under a single national Association, has been a success.

7 February 2020

Press note

Confindustria Nautica: the process reuniting the entire recreational boating industry under a single national Association, playing a key representative role in Italy and abroad and a member of the General Confederation of Italian Industry, has been a success.

Yesterday, 6th February, the Confindustria Nautica General Council, having convened in Genoa, formalised the addition of many new association members while also launching the process to integrate the respective governing bodies of the Association into the Council and Industry Assembly. Candidates are now putting their names forward for the Super Yacht sector, in view of the elections, the dates of which will be confirmed next month.

Among the many brands that have joined over the past few days are leading names such as Baglietto Spa and Cerri Cantieri Navali Spa (both under the Gavio Group), the Ferretti Group,  Fincantieri Yachts and Perini Navi Spa, – in the Ships sector – Anvera/Lg  and  Sacs in the boats sector,  Mase – in the Accessories/Components sector – Marina di Portofino, Marinedi Group and Porto Lotti – from among the marinas – Compagnia Generale Telemar – in Services – along with design studios Zuccon International Project and Francesco Paszkowski Design.

We are continuing to make progress, many more additions to our roster of businesses are already in the process of being formalised – commented Confindustria Nautica President, Saverio Cecchi, who added – I would like to give special thanks to Lamberto Tacoli for having shared this journey with me, a journey that has led to such an important day in which I have the great pleasure of welcoming our new Members”.

This same timeframe has also seen important company groups join Confindustria Nautica including AON, Italian and global leader in risk and HR consultancy and in insurance and reinsurance brokerage, Boero, ISYBA (the Italian Ship and Yacht Broker Association), Coast to Coast Investimenti srl and Pressmare, the leading online news platform.

A successful 8th Industry Assembly on “Nautical sales networks and assistance” for membership figures.

The total number of applications to join Confindustria Nautica are now close to forty, including those from historical brands such as Nautica Glem (Catania) and Peter nautica (Bari) – among the largest operators in Sicily and Puglia – a number of hallmark names like Marina Verbella and Solcio, based respectively on the Lombardy and Piedmont banks of Lago Maggiore, one of the leading names in the North West Maresport team (Padua), one of Milan’s key network hubs Nautisport, Oltre Nautica in Rome, Campello Marine in Venice, Punto Mare in Ancona and many more joining from across the nation.

The Industry Association’s General Council has confirmed their intention of involving new members as soon as possible in the Industry Assembly’s activities to benefit the most from their ideas and proposals.

The Council, fully aware of President Cecchi’s instrumental contribution to the reunification process, has invited him to continue applying his exceptional managerial method at the helm of the Association to bring its current development to completion.

The reunification of UCINA and Nautica Italiana began last year. The assemblies of the two associations, which took place respectively on 18th and 19th December last year, approved the changes subsequently made to the UCINA statute, as approved also by the Members of Nautica Italiana, chosen to be taken on as the unified Association’s own statute, since UCINA was deemed to become the common home for both institutions, and adopted the name Confindustria Nautica.