28 May 2020

An exclusive project that brings together the experience of master shipwrights and the very latest building technologies. Her name, the Heritage 9.9 by Castagnola Yacht, a historical shipyard in Lavagna (Genoa) which also counts among its rich portfolio the 38-metre Angra Too, one of the largest motoryachts ever built in wood using hydro jet propulsion.

Conceived by Gabriele Maestri, descendent of Giovanni Castagnola, founder of the shipyard and the man whose legacy he inherited, the Heritage 9.9 was designed by Name by Francesco Rogantin on the naval architecture side and by the Milan-based studio Nauta Design under Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino for the exteriors and interiors.

At 10.91 metres in all-out length (9.99 metres of hull) and 3.54 metres in width, the Heritage 9.9 combines the tradition material wood with an entirely “made in Castagnola” system known as Wood in Tech Skin. WTS is a construction process in which the outer surface of a wooden hull is covered in glass fibre and/or carbon fibre. The “skins” are applied via a vacuum-sealed infusion technique. The result ensures unique characteristics in terms of the hull’s behaviour at sea and in terms of maintenance, while preserving all the safety, elegance, and lightness typical of wooden structures.

The design features two 370 Hp Yanmar motors, allowing the Heritage 9.9 to reach a top speed of 36 knots and a cruising speed of 31 and a range of 160 miles. But above all, the Heritage 9.9 is an expression of the very spirit at the heart of Castagnola Yacht meaning she can adapt to all needs and is tailored to the client’s requests. Out of the latest 25 yachts produces, Castagnola Yacht constructed 20 entirely made to measure, designed and created on the basis of their clients’ specific needs. While always providing the highest standards of designelegance, and technical know-how.