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Cantieri di Pisa continues to expand

13 May 2024

Cantieri di Pisa continues to modernise and expand its Pisa site. The facilities along the Navicelli Canal will soon occupy an area of over 50,000 square metres, in line with the industrial plan set out by the new ownership represented by Enrico Gennasio, who took over the shipyard in 2021, and CEO Marco Massabò.

The yard’s modernisation project envisages maintaining the offices in the main warehouse, which has been lengthened to a height of 20 metres, as their historic location. In addition, the redevelopment work will see the extension of an existing structure, also raised to a height of 20 metres, and the construction of a new warehouse. Another structure 20 metres high and 14 metres wide will connect these two buildings.

Over the last two years, Cantieri di Pisa has invested 6 million euros and further investments are planned to develop the expansion and renovation project of its headquarters, which will occupy an area of 17,500 square metres, of which 900 are dedicated to offices with 600 metres of quay, a 300-tonne travel lift, a 20-tonne crane and a 300-tonne boat trailer.

The aim is to transform Cantieri di Pisa into a point of reference in the production of carbon, steel and aluminium yachts and to bring the shipyard that gave birth to the famous Akhir series back to its position as a global leader with the design of ten models for four types of boats with stylistic, technological and functional innovations. “We have worked hard for two years fine-tuning what will be the new iconic lines that define Cantieri di Pisa,” Massabò commented.