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Another Blue Flag flies over Marina di Loano

22 May 2024

For 2024, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) has once again assigned the Blue Flag recognition to Marina di Loano and adjacent beaches along the Loano coastline. Instituted in 1987, the European Year for the Environment, the Blue Flag is awarded every year across 48 countries to locations that keep in line with specific criteria relating to sustainable land management.

Marina di Loano, which as always will also be present at the Genoa International Boat Show (19th – 24th September), among other initiatives in defence of the environment in 2023 has established a photovoltaic plant with a surface area of 1,500 square metres capable of producing up to 334,000 kilowatts per year. The plant is part of the Unipol Group’s programme to gradually reduce the climate-changing emissions produced by its real estate assets to zero by 2050.

To have been awarded the Fee’s Blue Flag again in 2024 is a wonderful reward for the constant commitment of not just the management team and staff behind the marina’s day-to-day, but also that of all our guests and how they treat the marine environment,” stated Gianluca Mazza, CEO of Marina di Loano, who recalled how for years Marina di Loano has hosted the CIMA Foundation, which studies, develops technologies and trains new generations in the field of risk mitigation, civil protection and ecosystem protection.

The confirmation that the Blue Flag will continue to fly over Marina di Loano, which has long been committed to the use of alternative energy sources such as the heat pump system that has been powering its heating system for 10 years, is in addition to the numerous certifications issued by the International Certification Body, which has officially certified the safety and quality of the hospitality and tourism services of the facility.