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AB Yachts launches the first AB110

19 June 2024

A new launch from AB Yachts. Wednesday 12th June saw the launch of the first AB110 designed by architect Marco Casamonti / Archea Associati, artistic director of the Next Yacht Group.

The new AB110 sets the stage for a brand-new generation of AB Yachts models that represents the pinnacle of 30 years of experience, technical and technological content, reliability, engineering solutions, propulsion systems and construction materials that have made the Shipyard famous, a yacht that is designed to provide “the joy of unprecedented performance and freedom“.

At 34 metres in length, the new AB110 integrates AB Yachts’ aesthetic and technological vision to the highest degree with a distinctly sporty layout that excels in its quietness and absence of vibrations to ensure maximum liveability and comfort on board.