A first glimpse of the Endurance 60 by Pardo Yachts

30 March 2021

Pardo Yachts, following the great success of their walkaround line featuring the Pardo 38, 43 and 50, have given the world a preview of the brand-new Endurance 60. The brainchild of the Shipyard’s own Technical Office, tapping into the expertise of Davide Leone for the architecture and hull shape, and Nauta Design for the interiors, the Endurance 60 is a combination of design tradition and the renowned innovative processes of Cantiere del Pardo, founded in 1973.

Among the elements that make the new Endurance 60 by Pardo Yachts stand out are the palpable sense of continuity between interior and exterior spaces thanks to wide window frames to the side of the main saloon and the terrace overlooking the sea to stern which extends over a surface area of 41 square metres. As for interiors, two layouts are available which, both with the owner’s cabin at the centre of the model, offer not just a double cabin for guests and either a stern cabin with a double bed or two separate single beds, but also vast opportunities for customisation.

The unique qualities are not just those of the model’s aesthetics and overall layout, the Endurance 60 also stands out for her intentionally sustainable design. Thanks to a hull developed with CFD models used in the creation of sailing boat water lines, the Endurance 60, running on two Volvo IPS 700s, can glide at speeds of 23-25 knots while consuming a lot less fuel. Further, the Endurance 60 is designed to be able to run on hybrid motors as well.