60th Genoa Boat Show



  • Where does the Genoa Boat Show take place? The Genoa Boat Show takes place at Piazzale John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1, 16129 – Genoa.
  • When is the Boat Show open to the public? The 60thGenoa Boat Show will be open to the public from Thursday 1stto Tuesday 6thOctober between 10:00am and 6:30pm.
  • Is there a Genoa Boat Show app? The Genoa Boat Show provides an interactive map which can be used on smartphones, tablets and PCs and which you can find at salonenautico.comfrom 15thSeptember.
  • Where can I find a map of the Genoa Boat Show? You will find maps of the Genoa Boat Show at out information points within the trade fair itself and on our official website salonenautico.comfrom 15thSeptember.
  • Where can I find a list of exhibitors and boats? The exhibitors and boats list will be available on our official website salonenautico.comin the “Exhibitor” section from 5thSeptember.
  • Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to in order to stay up to date with the latest Genoa Boat Show news? Absolutely, you can subscribe to our newsletter by registering on the official website’s homepage at salonenautico.com
  • Is there Wi-Fi at the Genoa Boat Show? Yes there is and it is completely free, provided by our official partner Fastweb. There will be a number of pillars placed throughout the fair which will provide details of the network.



  • Is there parking at the Genoa Boat Show? A list of available parking areas is available on our official website salonenautico.com
  • Is it possible to reserve parking? Parking passes can be reserved and bought online when purchasing your Boat Show ticket. They are non-transferrable and are valid only for the day in which you have booked to visit the trade fair.
  • How close is the closest train station? The Genoa Brignole train station is only 1.4 km from the Boat Show.



  • Where can I buy my Genoa Boat Show tickets? Tickets may be only purchased online at the following website: https://shop.salonenautico.com/en
  • How much do tickets cost? A full ticket costs €18.00 + €1.00 for presale
  • How old do children have to be in order to enter for free? Tickets for all children born after 1stJanuary 2008 are free.
  • Are tickets to the Boat Show nominative? Yes, all tickets that grant access to the Genoa Boat Show are nominative.
  • How long does my ticket last? All tickets only grant access to the trade fair during the day chosen during the booking process.
  • How many tickets can I buy? There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy.
  • How can I pay for my tickets? Tickets may be purchased via bank transfer or credit card.
  • What time does the ticket office close? Tickets can only be bought online and are available 24/7.
  • Do visitors with disabilities pay for their ticket? Yes, they do pay for their ticket. Those accompanying them enter for free.
  • Can I bring my dog? Dogs are allowed entry provided they are on a leash and with a muzzle. Owners must have bags to pick up their dogs’ fouling at all times.
  • Is it possible to enter and move around on a bike or scooter? The use of bikes or scooters within the trade fair area is not allowed.
  • I am having trouble buying my ticket online, what should I do? If you are having trouble with buying your ticket, please send an email to ticketing@isaloninautici.com
  • Is it possible to enter and exit the Genoa Boat Show throughout the same day? Entering and exiting the Boat Show multiple times within the same day is not allowed.



  • Do I need Press credentials? Yes, Press credentials are mandatory.
  • How can I apply for Press credentials? You can register for Press credentials via the appropriate form on our official website salonenautico.com from 10thSeptember.
  • Can I obtain my Press credentials at the entrance? Due to Covid-19 contagion prevention measures, you may not register for credentials at the Boat Show entrance.
  • Which are the Genoa Boat Show’s official social media channels?

Facebook: @SaloneNauticoGenova
Linkedin: @SaloneNautico
Youtube: Salone Nautico a Genova


  • Where is the Media Centre? The Media Centre will be located on the mezzanine floor of Pavilion B. Instructions on how to access and make use of the Media Centre will be provided upon obtaining your credentials.



  • Are there transport services for those with disabilities within the Genoa Boat Show? Yes, the service will be available and must be booked in advance. Further details will be available from 10thSeptember.



  • Where can I find an events calendar for the Genoa Boat Show? The events calendar will be available on our official website salonenautico.com and on our Facebook page (Salone Nautico) from 10th
  • Is there an ATM in the trade fair ? There are no ATM points within the trade fair. However, all payments can be made via credit or debit card.
  • Where are the food and drink areas? There are restaurants and eating areas located throughout the trade fair and are listed on the Genoa Boat Show map which you will be able to pick up at our information points or download from our official website salonenautico.com from 15th
  • Are there baby changing rooms? Yes, our baby changing rooms, or “fashion restrooms”, are listed on the Genoa Boat Show map.
  • Is there a place I can drop off my baggage? Yes, you may drop any baggage off at the designated area at the entrance to the Boat Show.
  • Is there a Lost and Found area? There is, the Lost and Found area is at the entrance to the Genoa Boat Show.
  • Are there smoking areas? Is it possible to smoke indoors? Smoking is EXCLUSIVELY allowed in open-air sections of the trade fair.
  • Can I take photographs? Yes, photographs can be taken throughout the Boat Show.
  • Where can I find photographs of the event? Photographs of the event can be found at https://salonenautico.com/gallery/ and on the event’s social media channels.
  • How are the food and drink areas regulated? Anti-Covid19 measures require all payments to be carried out by credit/debit card. Therefore, cash will not be accepted as payment. Exhibitors may request their meals be delivered to their stands, without having to go to the food and drink areas in person, thus avoiding the formation of lines and large crowds.



  • Can I book a visit onboard a boat? Yes, you can book a visit onboard a boat by booking directly with the exhibiting shipyard.


  • Can leaflets be handed out at the Genoa Boat Show? No, leaflets may not be distributed at the event.
  • Can I organise an event during the Boat Show? Events may be organised at an exhibitor’s stand or in areas provided by the event Organisers via specific authorisation, provided all measures aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19 are implemented.



  • What are the set-up and dismantlement rules/timeframes? All information concerning set-up and dismantlement can be found in the “set-up regulations” provided to exhibitors
  • Is it possible to leave one’s stand before the end of the Genoa Boat Show? Stands may never be left unattended during opening hours for the duration of the Genoa Boat Show.
  • I am a supplier. Can I enter the Boat Show with a vehicle? You may enter the Boat Show area during the set-up and dismantlement phases if you are in possession of a specific pass to do so, provided by an exhibitor. Entry for set-up operations will be STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on the day before the Genoa Boat Show opens to the public – if provided with special authorisation, only those entering to carry out final set-up operations may be granted access.

From 1stto 6thOctober it will be possible to access the fair area within the following timeframes: 8.00am-9.30am / 7.00pm-8.00pm but only if authorised with a special Supply Pass.

  • I have an issue with my stand. Who can I refer to? You will need to contact the Services Centre which can be found on the Piazzale Marina
  • Where is the Services Centre? The Services Centre can be found on the Piazzale Marina



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