STARK is a dynamic Italian company specialised in the production of architectural high luminosity image projectors and interactive projection systems. With its large events division, it has over twenty years of experience in the specialised field of large scale entertainment events using immersive multivision projections and in the realisation of Emotional Museums with spectacular interactive effects. In collaboration with the "Dream Team" and multivision designer Paolo Buroni one of the most important international figures in the field of artistic and multimedia installations Stark places at the service of art and entertainment the most innovative architectural projection and "Interactive Experience" technologies available on the market today. Today, the gamma of super-compact StarkPro architectural projectors are the benchmark for ultra high luminosity architectural projection systems, the result of the company's great experience on the field and its collaboration with important stage directors, image designers and architects. With two international patents projectors Stark confirms their global leadership in projectors for multivision, large images and maxiproiezioni. In addition to the StarkLive, StarkNewTheatre and the StarkRevolution remember the first and only projector in the world Maxiprojections moving head. Thanks to this feature, our customers might be commercial and tourist activities, shopping centers or hotels, institutions and local administration, artists, agencies and organizzatrori events, conventions, or for private parties. Stark has also fully developed two highly advanced interactive systems, StarkLibrary and StarkMatrix highly spectacular and original, have obtained patents and international awards. For special effects with very advanced technology StarkHologram we can make holograms of any size that have achieved outstanding results as demonstrated by our highly spectacular permanent installation at the Palazzo Ducale in Gubbio. With these technologies Stark is the leader in the Emotional Museums accomplishments based on the most innovative virtual and interactive technologies.

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